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Thursday, March 23, 2006

News articles about the Minutemen and immigrants' rights

A selection of different articles about immigrants and the Minutemen, organized by date:
1) DC Immigrants March
Revolution newspaper, March 26, 2006
from the article:
Northern VA has also seen the most recent foray of the “Civil Defense Patrols of the Minutemen,” the infamous KKK-like anti-immigrant stormtroopers who have been so highly praised for their valor and patriotism in defending the borders by Congress members and governors of both political parties. The Minutemen's activities on the border with Mexico have been portrayed as a “clamor from the grassroots” to justify militarizing the border. Now they are operating in cities and towns far from the border, stalking and photographing day laborers and those who would hire them, attempting to force immigrants more into the shadows.
Northern Virginia's population has traditionally had large numbers of white, affluent, retired and active military families, government workers, and Pentagon and CIA employees. In Herndon, VA the Minutemen were met with protest when they began photographing and harassing Latino day laborers who gathered at a 7-11. But they have continued to expand their operations. Montgomery County, Maryland, which has a large immigrant population and has traditionally provided a lot of social services to immigrants, and where cities such as Takoma Park have passed ordinances protecting immigrants, has seen the Minutemen begin photographing and stalking the day laborers at hiring halls run by CASA Maryland, an immigrant rights organization that operates several such halls and involves the immigrant community in fighting for basic rights and expansion of services. When CASA Maryland righteously called for immigrants and their supporters to photograph Minutemen photographing workers and to protest at places where Minutemen live to let their neighbors and coworkers know about their fascist activities, the Minutemen went squealing to the police and their high-placed backers in the government. They demanded investigations into CASA Maryland’s use of taxpayer funds and actually accused the executive director of the organization of “thuggish behavior” and endangering their children!!! As one of the day laborers stated at the march: “The Minutemen are not just backed by the government, they are doing what the government wants them to do.”
The town of Gaithersburg, Maryland, voted and allocated funds to create a workers' hiring hall for some day laborers who had gathered for years in the parking lot of a local church. The Minutemen began “patrolling” the site. Their activity has helped to mobilize and strengthen a reactionary pole of patriotic racists among the townspeople into a "backlash" which might have remained inactive otherwise. The workers' center is now in danger of being canceled by the city.
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2) Minuteman Project Plans New Border Patrol
The Associated Press, March 21, 2006.
Read as the Minutemen get national press coverage – they're planning another offensive as they hunt and trap and terrorize immigrants.
“Each volunteer passes a criminal background check, interview and training, according to Simcox.”
Yeah right ...
But Hoover said the group's patrols are unrealistic and ineffective. He would like to see them set up camp in remote areas rather than close to highways and towns.
"We have 300 miles (480 kilometers) of border down here and they are playing around on five miles (eight kilometers)," Hoover said.
This quote is from a supposed opponent of the Minutemen ... opposing them on the terms that they are “ineffective” and “unrealistic”!
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3) Rally participants lose jobs
28 workers complain to 2 federal agencies
Chicago Tribune, March 17, 2006
More than two dozen workers at a Bellwood factory say they were fired for taking part in last Friday's immigration rights rally that drew up to 100,000 supporters to the Loop.Jose Oliva, director of the Interfaith Workers' Rights Center, believes many more immigrants around the city have also faced disciplinary action for attending the rally.Another advocate said he believes 10 workers were fired from a company that makes automobile parts in Schiller Park."It sends a chilling message," Oliva said. "It's one of the scariest things someone can say to you: `Agree with me, or I can take away your livelihood.'"
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4) Chicago Immigrants – A Defiant Show of Strength
Revolution newspaper, March 13, 2006
The scene in downtown Chicago on March 10 was remarkable and unprecedented—hundreds of thousands of immigrants marched into the heart of a major U.S. city, stopping all traffic and disrupting business as usual for a whole workday afternoon to demand that their voices be heard. Immigrant protesters left their workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods all over the Chicago region and beyond to converge on the downtown Loop area. And they delivered an unmistakable NO to a draconian new anti-immigrant bill (known as HR4437 or the Sensenbrenner bill) passed by the House of Representatives last December and to other anti-immigrant attacks, like the Minutemen vigilantes who hunt down immigrants at the border.
This historic march sent shockwaves far and wide—throughout this country and worldwide. It is an international call to millions and millions of immigrants everywhere in this globalized world who are dislocated from their homes, kept in the shadows, denied rights, isolated, and superexploited!
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