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Email us at: antiminutemen5(at) Visit our blog at Right now we see increasingly vicious attacks on immigrants, justified in the name of the “War on Terror”. When people step out to oppose these outrages, they must be supported. And when they are attacked, they must be defended. A group of five young people – white, Latino, Muslim – are facing up to four years in jail for a protest against the racist vigilante group the Minutemen.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

News and Updates for Thursday

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Anti-Minutemen Defendants,
With only 5 days left before our first day in court, we have much to do!!! Below is an important update, and please read further for information on our rallies in Arlington Heights on Friday April 21 (tomorrow!!!) and our vigil outside the courtroom on April 25.
1) Stop the harassment of the Anti-Minutemen supporters!!!!
In the last few days, people and organizations that have supported the Anti-Minutemen defendants have been intimidated by the Office of the State's Attorney. A person in our defense network was contacted by the investigator for the State's Attorney, Dick Devine, and was threatened with a subpoena -- which would mean being forced to testify in court at our trial -- and not because the State's Attorney thinks they've found another eyewitness. We see this as a blatant attack on anyone who has dedicated themselvs to supporting us. This is an outrage and it cannot go down!!!
In addition, two organizations that have supported us, and that organized people against the Minutemen on October 15, have either been contacted by the State's Attorney or been served with a subpoena that could force them to testify in court. This is a straight-up attempt to intimidate anyone who opposes the Minutemen --
will you let this go down unopposed?
Call the State's Attorney, Dick Devine: (312) 603-3000, or by email at . Tell him to stop intimidating our supporters! Hands off our press person! And hands off anyone else they might try to intimidate or attack as part of their efforts to punish us for opposing the Minutemen.
We are still asking people to call the Mayor of Arlington Heights and tell her that you support the Anti-Minutemen 5, and that the charges should be dropped. No one should be prosecuted for peacefully protesting. And Arlington Heights should not support the Minutemen!
Arlene Mulder
Mayor of Arlington Heights
We need hundreds of phone calls to go out in the next few days -- both to the State's Attorney, to tell him to stop intimidating our supporters and to drop the charges, and to the Mayor, to tell her to stop standing with the Minutemen. Please call everyday and encourage all the people you know to do the same.


At 4/21/2006 6:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You people are insane. You talk about how your rights to protest were abused, yet you tried to stop those who support the minutemen from entering the building. Right or wrong, everyone has the right to their own opinion. This is the basic foundation to the American way of life. Maybe if illegal immigrants spent less time breaking our laws and more time going through the process of naturalization and learning about our society, maybe you would see how wrong your organization is. This is typical hypocrisy.


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